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Beijing New Talent Academy (BNTA) was founded in 1995 as a K-12 boarding institute. In over ten years of substantial growth, we have set up an International Department and also have status as an official Cambridge International Centre; the global village is at the doorstep of our graduates. Awash with flair without drowning in pretentiousness, BNTA is becoming a global leading co-educational private school that provides the very best of modern education for boys and girls aged 18 months to 18 years.

The school is situated just a short distance, west of the Beijing Capital International Airport. Invested by The Yingcai Group, BNTA has moved to a new campus, that is better-equipped, technologically advanced offers and purpose-built.This took place facilities in June of 2008

¥460 million RMB has been invested in the new campus, which was built in Beijing's Central Villa District, adding a new chapter to a promising future.

With our remarkable academic results and great reputation, our students are competent candidates for first-rank universities in China and throughout the world.

BNTA gives pupils every chance to explore their talents and aims to be the finest academic, artistic and sporting independent school.

We understand liberal education, = encouraging free thinking in young children, =requires, from the outset, discipline, courtesy and consideration for others.

At present, of the 1900 students studying at BNTA, more than 1700 of them are Chinese nationals; our international students currently come from 22 countries

International students and teachers benefit from our Chinese Language Centre (attached to the International Department ), which represents a unique system in Beijing education.

No fuss or gloss, this website serves to explain our ethos. By combining the advantages of both eastern and western educational systems, BNTA slowly removes the comfort blankets of childhood and aspires to send young adults into the world as happy, creative, moral citizens who will live motivated, fulfilled lives while they enrich the lives of others.

Address: 9 Anhua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing Postal code: 101300 Personnel resource department:010-80466234 Admissions office:010-80467117 80467116 80413001

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