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Who we are:

Beijing New Talent Academy is a private boarding school with A-level and AP curriculums. It is a K to 12 educational system including Kindergarten, Dragon Bay Kindergarten (off campus), Primary School, Cambridge Center (Middle and High School), AP Center (Middle and High School), Chinese Center and Art & PE Center. There are about 2700 students whose ages are from 2 to 18, 100 of whom are foreign students, and about 700 teachers and staff, 50 of whom are foreign teachers.


Nearby environment

Global food and drinks, children amusement, leisure, fashion, shopping: Shine Hills Town / Euro Plaza / Pinnacle Plaza / Luoma Lake/Wenyu Lake/Longwan Villa lake
Supermarket: Jenny Wang / Wumart / BHG / Yonghui / Carrefoure
Roundabout Public Welfare 2nd-hand shop
Transportation: subway line 15 subway


On going positions available:


* ESL teachers for on campus Kindergarten



*ESL and science teachers for Dragon Bay Kindergarten



* Science and ESL teachers for Primary School Dpt



* IELTS English teachers for Cambridge Center(Middle and High School)



* English teachers for AP Center (Middle and High School)



What we offer:

❈Monthly salary before tax: 10,000RMB - 30,000RMB (including 3,000RMB based on performance).
❈Accommodation: one-bedroom studio on campus.
❈Annual bonus: one month's basic salary.
❈Holiday red pocket: 3,000RMB (Spring Festival) – 1,500RMB (Teachers Day).
❈Laptop subsidy: 80RMB monthly.
❈Meal subsidy: 300RMB monthly.
❈Insurance: 100% coverage for accidence injury and inpatient/outpatient treatment for public hospitals.
❈Working Visa sponsorship.
❈Teaching training and promotion opportunities.
❈Free Chinese lesson.
❈For dependents: 70% to 80% tuition fee discount, and work opportunity.

Opening positions:

❈ ESL teachers for on campus Kindergarten
❈ ESL and science teachers for Dragon Bay Kindergarten
❈ Science and ESL teachers for Primary School Dept
❈ IELTS English teachers for Cambridge Center(Middle and High School)
❈ English teachers for AP Center (Middle and High School)

Basic Job description:

❈ 40 office hours including 22 teaching periods per week, 40 min per period except Kindergarten.
❈ 20 to 30 students per class.

Job requirements:

❈ MMaster degree above, PhD is priority.
❈ Minimum two years teaching experience or teaching related certification.
❈ Teachers from English native countries.

Application details

❈ Please email with C.V., photo (from head to feet preferable), photocopies of passport and/or visa, degree and teaching related certification as a prior consideration.
❈ Please state your interested position, salary expectation and free time slots for interview.

Contact us

Sunny Wang

Beijing New Talent Academy





Address: No.9 Anhua Str, Shunyi Dist, Beijing, China (5 kilometers north-west of Guozhan subway station on Line 15)

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Foreign Teachers’ Life:







Foreign Teachers Comments:


Craig(UK)-- PhD/ Uni of Dundee

CIC prepares students for study overseas and it is a rewarding challenge teaching these talented and highly motivated students, some of whom have gone on to top universities in the UK, the US and elsewhere.The school is situated in a relatively quiet area of a large and crowded city and so life here is a good balance between the two.


Amanda(USA)--BS / Eastern Illinois Uni

I have enjoyed teaching the primary students, especially those who are always excited for my lesson. I also have enjoyed teaching at BNTA as I have made a few lifelong friends with some of the Chinese teachers and have enjoyed learning more about their culture.


Eric(USA)--BA / Uni of Northern Colorado

I enjoy the life of this campus. I like to see students having fun in the hallway and around campus. The school has perfect spots for the students to play and enjoy nature. The flower gardens are breathtaking and on any spring day you can pass beautiful rose bushes and nearby you can see students playing basketball or talking in the playground.


David(IRL)--BA / Dublin City Uni.

Working in BJNTA is a rewarding experience. Both the Chinese and foreign staff are friendly and welcoming. The students are fun to teach and interact with and the classrooms are equipped with the latest technology. In addition, the cost of living is much lower than western countries, which makes it very economical. I have found working here very enjoyable and I highly recommend it!


Joubert(SA)--BS / Uni of Pretoria

I truly love my school, because it is extremely well organized, and the facilities are state of the art. We have a great group of foreign and Chinese teachers working at the school, and we all get along great. The local environment is peaceful and really beautiful. There are lots of trees and all the shops, restaurants and other amenities you could ever want.

Address: 9 Anhua Street, Shunyi District, Beijing Postal code: 101300 Personnel resource department:010-80466234 Admissions office:010-80467117 80467116 80413001

Email: office) International Department ) resource department)

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