A profile of the kindergarten

The Bilingual Kindergarten of Beijing New Talent Academy was established in 1995. Located in The Tianzhu Development Zone west of the Capital Airport, it is situated in the Central villa District at the riverside of the luxurious Wenyu River. In the campus of 180 mu, there is an international kindergarten boasting a cozy and elegant education atmosphere and excellent high-end infrastructure. Children from 1.5 to 6 of age years with both Chinese and foreign citizenships are all eligible for the recruitment.

There are 7 classes, namely, the cherry class, the strawberry class, the orange class, the peach class, the apple class, the pineapple class and the watermelon class.

The educational environment

There are many functional rooms, such as the piano room, the swimming hall, the roll mandrel room, the bodybuilding room, the Montessori operating room, the innovation room, the sense-training room, the planting area, the sunny playroom, the science adventure room, the building room, and the study room. All these facilities provide rich material basis for the life, study and play of little Chinese and foreign children. The super large playroom and the outdoor playground are the special resources of the New Yingcai Bilingual Kindergarten. It is a wonderland for kids to grow healthily and happily!

The features of the education

Kindergarten-based curriculum on International Etiquette, Bilingual education, Montessori education, multi-culture education, courses for kindergarten children’s preparation for the primary school

The features of the education

We offer music class, elementary dancing class, elementary and test-oriented piano class, test-oriented Wushu class, bodybuilding class, swimming class, roller-skating class, reading class, Chinese character scientific study class, logic training class, science lab class, innovative art class, clay sculpture class and sense training class.

The aim of the kindergarten

To give priority to the cultivation of children and to provide ideal spaces for them.;To give priority to the satisfaction of the parents and to provide high-quality services.

The objectives of the kindergarten

To cultivate all-around future elites who are healthy, happy, polite, refined, cooperative, curious, independent and confident.

The education philosophy

Love and care like family members; attention to the every single day of kids.;Equal communications; walking into the spiritual world of children.

Ten strengths

Multiple forms of care are available to fully meet the needs of parents and kids and to provide perfect services, including lodging, weekend and holiday care.

A child-raising hotline is available to answer the questions of parents at any time.

The kindergarten is open for parents regularly and parents are invited to observe and experience the daily life of kids.

Since the kindergarten is in the territory of the campus, there are guards on duty 24 hours a day. The guarding system of the school is strict and kids are sent and picked up by parents with credentials. Thus the safety of kids is fully guaranteed.

Healthcare classes are arranged according to seasons and needs, and scientific child-raising knowledge handbooks are made and distributed to parents in time.

Hot water is available for 24 hours and there is central air-conditioning, which is incomparable with other kindergartens.

Free commuters are provided for kids in nearby communities and weekend commuters for kids from afar for the convenience of parents.

Since the kindergarten is inside the campus of a primary school, older kids can experience primary school lives in advance, which is a psychological preparation for them.

Scientific and nutritious meals are provided in the kindergarten. There are 6 courses and 1 soup each lunch and supper to meet the nutrition needs of kids. Western-style foods are provided for lunches each Tuesday for kids to experience the western culture.

The class sizes are small with importance attached to elite education and exquisite life care.

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