The advertising page of the high school department of Beijing New Talent Academy

The junior high school education of the new Beijing YingCai Academy—“specialness” and “brand”; the integration of both the Chinese and western style helps students to enter their ideal senior high schools.

Strict and regulated management is implemented to lay a solid foundation for the traditional culture education;The quality of each discipline teaching is excellent, enabling top performance in senior high school entrance examination;CS double-system English courses highlight its strength in English teaching.

The advertising page of the high school department of Beijing New Talent Academy

The senior high school education of the new Beijing YingCai Academy—“multi-functioning” and “globalized”; the senior high school department makes the most of its strengths and provides multiple development platforms for students to enter universities.
Excellent platforms are provided for students to meet their different developmental needs. There are the following classes available in the senior high school: the college entrance exam refreshment class; the high-quality class for the first-grade students in the senior high school; college entrance exam art class; senior high school class for foreign students; the preparatory class of overseas studies.


Three strengths

Being patient, detailed and effective. The tutorial system is fully implemented. Every student has a tutor. Teachers and students jointly plan the individual development vision. The “graduate student” tutoring is highlighted, and teachers can be close to students and communicate with them on an equal basis. Thus each student can grow healthily and happily.

Learning plans are taken into the classrooms and independent study is advocated. In classes of small sizes, teacher tutor students one to one. The homework is checked on site. Services for students are highlighted to encourage students to study independently.;the maximum number for each class is 35. There are various teaching forms in the class. A lively and team-based small-class management mode has been formed. Independent study guided by learning plans enables students to learn with initiation, scientific method and happiness. The good interactivity between teachers and students can create a lively class atmosphere and the teaching effect is excellent.

CS double-system courses with English highlighted. English is the teaching language of the school. The courses are emphasized to enable a broader globalized vision and an enhanced English basis, which is a preparation for studying abroad; Special international English courses taught by foreign teachers are added each week and IELTS is organized, since there is an international department and the Cambridge International Center in the academy. Now the strength in English has been showcased. A solid language base is developed for children with the intention to study abroad.

The educational characteristics

The integration of regulated management and care. The fully enclosed boarding system is implemented. Discipline and care are both emphasized in the management. The students are supposed to develop good habits and manners. “Gentlemen and ladies” are supposed to be cultivated. Students’ self-management is adopted to develop their multiple abilities; life management is regulated; The self-servicing capacities are developed to enable students to cultivate good habits.

Campus life: enjoy happy education  Under the education philosophy of “consistency of personality and wisdom; integration of humanity and science,return the campus, classes and happiness to children and make them enjoy happy campus life.

The entrance exam prep class for art schools: to enhance the artistic accomplishment  There are complete art education facilities and the teachers are highly professional. In recent years, the entrance exam prep class for art schools is arranged, in which the theories are integrated with professional training, the teachings by famous teachers are complemented by lectures by senior experts, and the daily trainings with art activities. Mr. Gu Jianfen, a member of the standing committee of the NPC and a famous composer, is invited to the art consultant; cooperation is conducted with Institute of City Planning of China Central Academy of Fine Arts. There are experts supervising on the teaching of the entrance exam prep class for art schools. All these will help students to enter different art schools.

The school-based courses: to develop the strengths of the students the school has developed several categories of school-based courses, such as the life education, weekend humanity and science, elegant art, and group activity series, which aims to develop the multiple intelligences of students and enhance their strengths. It can not only cultivate their morality and broaden their vision, but also cultivate their innovation ability.

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