Chinese Language Centre of
International Department

The Chinese Language Centre of the International Department offers Chinese language courses and programs for international students from all over the world. We organize classes according to the students’ language proficiency, and our candidates are always have perfect performances in HSK test. Our students will benefit from the course named “Experience Chinese Culture”, and enjoy the chance of getting together with the local Chinese students. In this centre, the Chinese language courses have intimate relation with other academic courses and comprehensive guidance is available for application to universities in China, or other countries.

The target of service

The target of service

For the students who are studying in China now, Courses are required such as Chinese language courses, opportunities to experience Chinese Culture.

For the students who apply for Chinese universities, preparation and guidance are applied for entrance application and examination.

For the students who come to learn Chinese, professional & systematic language training are required.

Our students’ will

Our students’ will

Accept the Chinese language and other academic courses in China and apply for a Chinese university .

Learn the Chinese language here, while accepting an internationalized education, and enter a high school or a university overseas.

Learn Chinese language here and then return to their own country.

University Destinations (2007-2012)


Chinese language: vocabulary, daily dictions, speaking & listening, reading & writing, Chinese ancient poems, usage of Chinese dictionary and other reference books.

Chinese art: Beijing opera, Chinese song, traditional calligraphy, seal cutting and some other handcrafts with distinct Chinese traditional features.

Sports: martial arts, shadowboxing, basketball, football, volleyball, badminton, table tennis, swimming, etc.

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